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To encourage interaction and rather than expecting users to sign up for yet another account on yet another website, I’ll be using a plugin that allows people to comment on our articles and pages via Facebook. They log in with their Facebook account and can automatically interact with our site.

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Basic Development

Right now I’m working on the visual layout for the pages of this site. I am still pondering the best way to organize all the content we want to have. As of now I have 4 main categories “Restaurants”, “Shopping”, “Health”, and “Fashion”. Currently my plan is to make a static page for each business in town within one of those 4 main categories. This will be a directory of sorts. ¬†As we write feature articles, restaurant reviews, etc. I will post them like blog entries which will be listed under “Whats New?” and possibly also on the bottom of the home page. When we write a review of a restaurant for example we can add a link to the review from their static page.

The “More” category is a catch all for ideas I haven’t yet fully developed. Examples would be random photos around town, news or commentary, upcoming events (which should eventually become it’s own full featured section).

On the home page I’m planning space to display perhaps one random business from each of our main categories. Below that can be a few of our latest blog posts / reviews. At the top is an optional space to highlight a featured business, event, or something. That space is optional and can be sold or used when needed.

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Hello world!

This site is under construction and testing.

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